We are currently helping to produce a diversity, equity, and inclusion podcast for a client and would love your participation. Have you, or do you, experience any form of micro-aggression in your workplace, church, in-laws, etc. Do friends askto touch your hair? Are you asked “where do you really come from?” after telling someone you were born right here in the good ol’ USA? Are you asked “What are you?” with regards to your race or ethnicity? Are you a POC who’s been told that you sound so “eloquent”?

Or maybe you have been the one leveling the micro-aggression and you’ve since learned the error of your ways and want to share. We all have different stories. We’d love to hear yours.

Record a short message

Send us a short recording of you sharing your story. You can record something on your smartphone, then email us the file at bladeronnermedia@gmail.com. Or, use the SpeakPipe form below. You may remain anonymous and you do not need to mention any names of other people or organizations.

Note: by sending us your message, or recording it via this website, you acknowledge that your recording may or may not be used in a public podcast without remuneration. You also agree to indemnify Blade Ronner Media, its partners, owners, officers, and clients from any suits or actions that may arise out of the information you provide.