Writing is the lifeblood of your business. Whether it’s marketing copy for your website, SEO-friendly posts for your blog, letters for your email list, or copy for social media and ads, the written word connects your audience to your business.

Ever since I (Ron) started my first blog back in 2006, I’ve used the written word as a tool to move people in meaningful ways. In both my personal and professional life, writing is vital to me. I now use that passion to help businesses and organizations like yours thrive.

Writing Samples

Below is a small sampling of curated articles from Blade Ronner founder Ron Dawson, and the talented team of hand-picked freelancers from our network.


Film and Video Industry

James Mockoski and Robert Schafer work on restoration of Godfather III. Image © OWC

Entertainment & Culture

Race Relations & Politics


Life is no fun if it’s not filled with ample amounts of joy and laughter. Below are just a few samples of my humble contribution to bring joy to the world. (Note: my humor contains adult language, so if you’re easily offended by f-bombs and sh*t, um, stuff, this may not be the content for you.

Lastly, my humor is typically satirical in nature and I usually attempt to make some kind of commentary about culture, politics, faith, or the arts.

Samples from Our Team

We have a hand-picked network of writers and marketers who make up our extended writing team. All articles are reviewed and edited by one of our experienced editors. This reduces or even eliminates your need to review the work. We produce three dozen high-quality blog posts, emails, and landing pages every month for our clients. Here are just a select few of their pieces.