Ron Dawson

Attention dear reader,

So I had just finished writing this great blog post on why your about page probably sucks. I was beaming with pride over how clever and creatively it cut straight to the point. Then, like a lightning bolt, an overwhelming sense of dread struck me. “Did MY About page suck?”

I immediately clicked my About page link and waited the 1.6 seconds for my optimized web page to load (I make it a point to keep my blog SEO optimized. Something I would do for you, by the way, should you hire me). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I looked at my About page and lo and behold. It did indeed suck. It wasn’t awful by any stretch. I did a very good job of referring to myself in the third person and listing all of many business accomplishments over the past 25+ years (I was doing content marketing even before they called it that). But it didn’t do one of the many things I talk about in that aforementioned article. It didn’t reflect me or my personality. And frankly, that sucks!

I’m sorry, but I cannot in good conscience keep this About page up. So I will have to find some time to re-write it. But, like the proverbial cobbler with kids who have no shoes, I’m currently too busy writing SEO optimized blog posts, planning video production shoots, and performing SEO audits for my clients to do it right now.

Please do not take what you are about to read as an example of what I would do for you if you were to let me write your about page (which, right now, I will do for free). Keep coming back to this page every day and anxiously wait for my new and approved About page. Or, just sign up for my email list and I’ll let you know when I have a new one.

Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, feel free to read my utterly sucky About page.

Ron Dawson

Ron’s sucky About page (ver 1.0)

Ron combines an eclectic mix of skills from over 25 years of branding, marketing, business development, finance, and media production experience, plus a proven content marketing record. What that means for you is that you will have a profound sense of trust, calm, and comfort knowing your project is in the hands of a consummate and experienced professional. You cannot underestimate the value of that confidence and security.

As a recognized speaker, podcaster, and industry blogger, he has particular expertise in marketing to and understanding the visual arts and high tech industries. Whether your audience is comprised of filmmakers & photographers, or designers & developers, Ron will help you create connections that matter, which produce campaigns that drive results.

(Note: Ron promises not to refer to himself in the third person when talking to you directly. He reserves that only for About pages and LinkedIn profiles. He’s not like Jimmy.) Note about the note: this was my self-referential joke acknowledging the realization that this About page was in the third person. It was silly, but kinda meta. The revised version of my About page will probably exclude this joke. So if you liked it, come back and read it again, and again, because I cannot guarantee how much longer it will be a part of this About page.

Career Highlights

  • Senior content marketing manager for, an Apple award-winning SaaS, VC-backed startup.
  • Managing editor of the Insider, one of the most respected blogs in film and video post-production.
  • Successful podcast producer and host of three podcasts: Radio Film School, Crossing the 180, and F-Stop Beyond.
  • An award-winning video producer with over 17 years of professional production experience having produced video campaigns for Apple, Adobe, Nielsen, and some of the largest non-profits in the country.
  • Published author of ReFocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business, a popular video business book by Peachpit Press.
  • Freelance writer for top industry magazines like Professional Photographer and websites like Pro Video Coalition,, Zacuto, PhotoFocus,, and Planet5D.
  • Business marketing manager for Quicken.
  • VP of Finance and Operations for Screenplay Systems, creators of the Movie Magic line of software (now owned by Entertainment Partners).
  • Real estate securities analyst.
  • (Semi) Professional Lindy Hop swing dancer (yes, you read that right).

He can also tell a mean dad joke, just to keep things interesting. (I currently do not remember any of my old dad jokes. So I may have to come up with some other kind of story to keep things interesting.)


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