Video Production

The first film Ron ever shot was a time-travel caper made on 8mm film at the age of 8. He used the various lands at Disneyland to represent the different time periods.

Thirty years later when Ron started professional video production in earnest, the same creativity and ingenuity he showed at the tender age of 8 was applied in the work he did for such clients as Apple, Adobe, Nielsen, large churches, marketing agencies, and non-profits.

Video is one of the most effective forms of content marketing, and through the years Ron and his teams have been able to create some engaging content, both for his own company and for clients. Here are a few examples.

Made in Frame: BLOCK & TACKLE

BLOCK & TACKLE is a multi-award-winning, NYC-based motion design and creative studio with such clients as FX, ESPN+, and The History Channel. Ron conceived, produced, and edited this “pilot” episode of “Made in Frame Films,” they share about the work process and trends they’re seeing in the industry. 

Dream • Create • Inspire

This 3-part film series was created as part of a CEO’s keynote address to a popular annual photography convention. We produced three films exploring the themes of dream, create, and inspire.

In Pursuit of Dreams

The three films were tied by a common thread of a young teen girl creating music. The first film, “In Pursuit of Dreams,” asks the question: “What does it mean ‘to dream’ to you?”

The Creative Process

In “The Creative Process,” the “dream” becomes a reality as she begins to compose the song and we hear from other artists about their creative process.


The “inspire” film opened with a spoken word piece about “breathing”. It was a call for busy creatives to slow down. Only later did we learn that the english word “inspire” is based on the Greek word which means “to breathe.” The song sung at the end of this video is the actual song written (and performed) by the teen.

The Longest Day: Online Reality TV Series

The Longest Day: the first online reality tv series for and about professional photographers. This was a video campaign I created for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International annual expo. It helped them reach record attendance records. As host, producer, director, and co-editor, I partnered with over 24 of the most prestigious wedding and portrait photographers in the world to spend over 24 hours in Los Angeles having a blast, making fun of themselves, and raising money for two great causes.

Breaking the Glass: Podcast+Film Series

Breaking the Glass: this was a Radio Film School podcast + video short film/discussion series where I gathered six women from the industry to talk about gender and race issues in Hollywood. These included women at the highest echelons of film and television. A good example of how I was able to secure sponsorship from well known brands (in this case Video Blocks and Song Freedom).

SoundandSEA TV

This was a series I started when I first moved to the Seattle metro to highlight artists in the area.

UmberDove: “Wild” Artist

ImprovJam: A Musical Convergence of Jazz, Rock, & Rap

In order to help the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra appeal to younger crowds, I conceived this musical mish-mash. I wanted to find out what would happen if we got a rock guitarist, a freestyle rapper, and a jazz trio to improvise together. The result was nothing short of magic. I created a series of clips leading up to a short doc film where all the improvised songs were performed. The film was featured at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.