Your About Page Sucks

Note: I’m no longer writing free about pages. Check back again in six months.

Let me re-write it for FREE

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a company or an artist’s “About” page only to find myself almost immediately clicking away. Either the information was boring and not at all engaging, or it was limited.

A sucky About page is worse when it’s for an artist, influencer, or professional who I KNOW has an amazing story. I’m sitting there on their page and thinking to myself, “This person walked to school uphill, both ways in the snow, in the middle of July (north of the equator), flunked out of college, became a world-famous gizmo maker, AND found a cure for chlamydia, all before the age of 24! Yet this about page is putting me to sleep!”

A great about page = ‘mo money, ‘mo money, ‘mo money

A good About page could mean the difference between you getting that gig, landing that new client, or getting a bigger deal. It helps establish trust and builds a connection. It will draw in your website visitors. Your About page reflects you or your business in such a way that if it was the only thing a person read about you, they would be willing to engage with you or your business.

Why am I doing this for free?

My only wish is to help the world be a more beautiful place and give all my talents so I feel fulfilled and…

Who am I kidding? You know why I’m doing this? To connect with amazing artists, influencers, and business leaders. I have no shame about that and I don’t want to insult your intelligence by acting as if this is some purely altruistic endeavor I’m doing out of the goodness of my heart.

Do I ultimately want you to hire me to do your content marketing, SEO consulting, blog writing, video production, podcasting, or copywriting? Absolutely. And I feel confident enough in my abilities that I think once you see the About page I write for you, you’ll be that more convinced I’m the guy to all that other stuff.

But even if you take advantage of my excellent writing skills, get your kick-ass About page, and never call me again, I will be totally fine. You don’t have to give me credit or a link back to my site (although I wouldn’t fight you if you did.) Because the truth is, despite my joking above, I DO get a lot of fulfillment from helping others with my talent. For over a decade, I’ve produced podcasts and blogs providing tons of practical and insightful knowledge, all free. That has been a fulfilling endeavor for me.

So what are you waiting for? Today can be the day you take a step to get rid of your sucky about page. Fill out the form below to take the first step forward in telling a better story about yourself.

Header image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels